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Community Affiliate Manager (LATAM - Remote)


Job description

⭐ About Alts Digital

Alts Digital is a profitable fast-growing company, 100% remote, that specializes in acquiring new customers for top companies within the iGaming, Financial Services, and Crypto sectors. We are looking for an Affiliate Network Manager - someone who joins our efforts to nurture partnerships with social media communities, innovate marketing campaigns, and drive user acquisition in new exciting markets!

This new role is cross-functional and hands-on, inviting you to directly shape our path forward.

👍 Scope of the job

  • Partnership Development: Scout and forge new community partnerships while nurturing existing ones. Focus on creating value for both parties to foster long-lasting relationships.
  • Effective Communication: Act as the primary liaison between community leaders, operators, and our team. Ensure smooth and timely exchanges of information to keep all parties aligned and informed.
  • Campaign Management: Design and execute marketing campaigns that engage and convert. Work closely with partners to tailor content that matches their community’s interests and our objectives.
  • Performance Analysis: Keep an eye on campaign results, using analytics to understand what works and what doesn’t. Apply these insights to refine strategies and improve outcomes.
  • Strategic Thinking: Stay updated with industry trends and leverage new opportunities for growth. Encourage innovative approaches to campaign development and partnership engagement.

Job requirements

🧠 Your attitude & background

  • Adapt Like a Pro: You’re all about flexibility, eager to tackle new challenges and quick to learn on the go. Unknown territories? You’re ready to explore and conquer.
  • Stay Goal-Focused: You have a clear vision of what success looks like and pursue it with tenacity, always aiming to surpass expectations.
  • Get Things Moving: You have a practical approach, focusing on actionable results. When there’s a goal in sight, you’re the person to get us there.
  • Communicate with Ease: You know that good communication is key, whether it’s negotiating deals, brainstorming with the team, or updating partners. Your ability to express ideas clearly makes you a valuable connector.
  • Think and Analyze: You love diving into data, discerning patterns and insights that others might miss. Your decisions are informed by solid analysis, ensuring strategies are both creative and data-driven.
  • Not Afraid to Fail: Embracing failure as a step towards improvement, you're willing to take risks and learn from mistakes. Your resilience drives innovation and keeps us moving forward.
  • Have a background in iGaming, affiliate marketing and/or community management (plus)

🎁 Benefits You’ll Receive

  • 100% remote startup environment with all its ups and downs. Mostly ups.
  • Salary: up to €25k per year, depending on your skill level, experience and location.
  • Working 100% remotely with a flexible schedule. We measure results, not hours.
  • Workation — a mix of work and vacation. Once a year, we find a cool place to work and have fun together.
  • Alts Ville: We have a house in the stunning Madeira Island available for all employees who want to spend some time with colleagues or even with family 🏝️
  • Health Insurance. We value the well-being and health of our team. To ensure that everyone feels cared for, we offer Health Insurance 🏥
  • 1.000€ / year - financial support in other areas of your life, e.g., professional development.
  • We offer a 100€ monthly voucher to use in co-working spaces. Working remotely doesn’t have to mean working from home every day.

Do you have proven work? Are you ready to both lead and learn?

Is working 100% remotely with a flexible schedule, with highly set goals and result-driven outcomes, an exciting proposal?

Are you fueled by a drive to grow professionally alongside your peers in an environment that rewards you along the way?

👉🏽Join us!